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Greek Sailing Adventure

First Time in a Flotilla

.Q. What is a flotilla holiday?

A. You skipper your yacht, which you rent from us, and you have a Lead Yacht to follow and be available to help and assist you when required. The flotilla can have up to 6 or 7 yachts in the Flotilla group.

Q. What qualifications do you need for a flotilla holiday.

A. You will need at least one licensed skipper on board, it also good to have one other deckhand with some experience but this is not essential.

Q. What is flotilla sailing?

A. Flotilla sailing involves a group of boats traveling together under the guidance of a lead vessel, typically with an experienced skipper or flotilla leader. This form of sailing offers a supportive and social environment, where sailors can benefit from shared experiences and camaraderie. The lead vessel provides navigation assistance, coordinates group activities, and offers support in case of emergencies, making it an ideal choice for novice sailors or those seeking a more structured sailing experience. Elysium Yachting’s flotilla sailing routes often include scenic coastal destinations and opportunities for group excursions, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable voyage for participants.

Q. What is a flotilla host?

A. A flotilla host is a knowledgeable individual responsible for leading and organizing sailing flotillas. They serve as the point of contact for participants, providing guidance, support, and assistance throughout the journey. Our flotilla hosts possess expertise in sailing and local knowledge of the area, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all sailors involved.

Q. Where is the best place to go for a flotilla holiday in Greece?

A. Selecting the best location for a flotilla holiday in Greece depends on individual preferences and desired experiences. However, popular destinations often include the Ionian Islands, renowned for their picturesque landscapes, calm waters, and favourable sailing conditions. Among the Ionian Islands, starting from Lefkada or Corfu for a flotilla holiday can offer stunning coastal scenery, vibrant island culture, and a variety of anchorages and ports to explore along the way, making it a top choice for many sailors seeking a memorable sailing adventure in Greece.

Q. How do flotilla holidays work?

A. A lead Yacht with a highly experienced skipper and crew on board shows you the best places to visit and they are always on hand to help and assist you if required. Flotilla sailing is ideal for beginners and the less experienced skippers. In a flotilla, you can have away days where you sail off and do your own sailing for a day. Join Elysium Yachting’s flotillas to embark on an unforgettable adventure through the idyllic Ionian Islands with our expert-led flotilla tour, where every day promises serene sailing, captivating coastal vistas, and cherished memories to last a lifetime.