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Supported Flotilla Sailing Holidays

Sail the Ionians with confidence!

If you’re a newly minted skipper, and would like the surety and security of sailing with a Lead Skipper who knows the waters of the Ionian and the Aegean sea well, look no further than Elysium Yachting! Our skippers are highly qualified, with advanced RYA qualifications.

We know the Ionians well and can guide your boat to the best moorings, anchorages and sheltered bays so that you make the best of your sailing holiday.

We also have an extra crew member on board who can assist you with coming alongside and tying up, anchor handling, help with your boat engine, or any other task that needs a pair of expert hands.

So sail the Ionians confidently in our Flotilla and have the extra confidence in knowing that we are here to make your holiday safe and enjoyable, while you gain valuable skipper hours to get up to the next rung in your skipper journey!

Supported Flotilla Sailing Holidays Greece
Flotilla Sailing Holidays, Supported Flotillas. Greece

If you have an ICC (International Certificate of Competence) or RYA Day Skipper’s License or higher, you can charter a Supported flotilla tour and sail the yacht yourself, under our able guidance from the Lead Yacht. You can log the hours sailed towards your sea time if you sail the boat yourself. 

If you don’t have a skipper license, no problems, you can have one of our able skippers onboard your yacht to sail your yacht for you. Select the I need a Skipper checkbox when you book. We then provide an experienced onboard skipper for the duration of your sailing tour. 

While the skipper sails the yacht for you, you can can look and learn, and ask questions to improve your knowledge. Some of our skippers are sailing instructors, so that gives you the added advantage of being able to learn from a seasoned sailor. Or simply kick back with your group and enjoy the different beautiful places you arrive at every day! 

The itineraries for the 1 week and 2 week cruises that are given in this website may change depending on the weather, mainly prevailing and forecasted wind conditions and sea state. Our goal is to cruise safely and gently to offer the most comfort and the best quality of experience. If there is a potential for adverse sailing conditions, we will sail an alternative route or wait at anchor or port for better weather.