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During early September 2022, a group of my old friends decided to hire a sailing yacht for a lad’s week sailing in Greece. We found a great deal with Elysium Yachting, a supported flotilla and skippered charter firm in Lefkas, Greece.

After looking through their very informative website,, we decided to join a Supported Flotilla sailing around the Ionians for a week. The Supported Flotilla started from Lefkas Marina. This was mainly because we fancied sailing around with a small group of other similar yachts and spending the evenings in different locations comparing notes from the day with other Flotilla members. Also, Elysium Yachting usually only have up to six yachts in their Flotilla parties, unlike most other companies who have up to ten yachts and more in their parties. With smaller Flotilla parties like with Elysium Yachting, you get far more individual and personal attention.

Supported Flotilla Sailing Holidays Greece

After our arrival on the Saturday and our welcome briefing, we met up with the other yacht groups in our Flotilla for a relaxing evening discussing where we plan to be sailing in the coming week. The next day, Sunday, after breakfast, we set off south in the direction of Nidri and Meganisi, with our Flotilla of six yachts lined up in our private sailboat caravan gently cruising down the short canal to the open waters of the Ionian Islands. That first morning was taken up with familiarisation with our yacht with the rest of the group.

Our Lead Yacht skipper was close at hand to help and assist when required. A couple of hours later, we all pulled into a beautiful bay on the eastern end of Magenisi for a relaxing lunch and swim in crystal clear waters. The rest of the week was fantastic, visiting numerous villages and wonderful bays to relax and swim. Some evenings we anchored for the night in secluded private bays to enjoy evening beach BBQs while watching the sun go down with a cold beer. Wonderful active holiday!!!

Thank you Elysium Yachting and the Lead Yacht skipper and crew for introducing us to sailing the Ionians and making our sailing holiday a great experience. See you all next summer!.